Senior Care Activities: Bargain Hunting with Your Parents

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Who doesn’t love a great bargain? Seeking out great prices and feeling that rush when you score an amazing deal makes shopping more fun, and gives you even more motivation to stretch your Senior Care in Vaughanbudget and save on the things that you are going to buy anyway. Shopping at thrift stores is a fantastic way to save on many items, and gives you a fun adventure to enjoy with your aging loved ones.

Gone are the days when thrift stores were just run-down, unpleasant places where you were extremely limited in what you could find. Today, thrift store shopping is experiencing a tremendous resurgence with people young and old discovering the fun of exploring through items, discovering fabulous deals, and finding things they would never be able to find in regular stores.

Use these tips to help you enjoy a fun, memorable, and safe bargain hunting adventure:

• Stake them out. Most areas have several thrift shops, but they may not be as easy to find as you would think. Take some time to drive around your area and talk to friends and family members to find out about the smaller thrift shops that you may not know about. While there are large, well-known stores, the smaller privately-owned shops are often little hidden gems filled with treasures just waiting to be discovered;

• Make a plan. The sheer volume of items at thrift shops can quickly become overwhelming, particularly if you choose to visit a larger one, or a privately owned one that does not have the staff to keep the items clearly organized. Make a plan before you go so you know what to be on the lookout for yourself of your aging loved ones. Thrift shops are a haven for collectors, so jot down a list of the things you, your parents, or your friends collect so you remember if you happen to see a coveted item;

• Know the deals. Many thrift shops feature a sliding scale pricing structure that progressively lowers the price of items the longer that they are in the shop. These are usually indicated by colored tags. As soon as you enter the store, seek out a sign that explains the color-coding so you know which items are on special sale that week;

• Clean carefully. You can feel confident knowing that the majority of items in thrift shops, particularly clothing, has been cleaned thoroughly prior to sale. That does not mean, however, that you shouldn’t clean it yourself when you get home. Run all of the clothes through the wash with your favorite detergent to ensure it is completely clean, to give it the smell that you like, and to eliminate the risk that you or one of your parents is sensitive to the detergent the shop uses.

Get in touch with the elder care agency in your area to find out more about hiring a senior health care services provider who can help you care for your aging loved ones and give them a high quality of life.

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