Four Steps for Managing Potential Falls

Falls are incredibly dangerous for aging adults and can be devastating both physically and emotionally. Talking about your senior’s fall risk with her might feel complicated at first, but it’s something you need to do. Here are some ways to address your senior’s risk of falling.



Senior Care in Aurora: Senior Falls

Senior Care in Aurora: Senior Falls


Set up a Time to Talk to Your Senior’s Doctor

One of the first steps in helping your senior to avoid a fall is to talk with her doctor. Her doctor can help you to learn what her current and possible future risk factors are. This conversation can also help you to determine what else you should be looking at beyond your senior’s health. If you’re having a tough time talking to your elderly family member about falling and why you find it scary, her doctor can help you with talking points.


Your Senior’s Senses, Medication, and Other Factors All Influence Fall Risk

There’s a lot that influences whether your senior might be prone to experiencing a fall. Her health is one concern, but there’s more. Medications that she takes to manage her health issues all have side effects and those can range from mild to serious. If she’s experiencing hearing loss, your senior’s balance might be impacted. And if she can’t see obstacles, they’re much more difficult for her to avoid. These are concerns your senior’s doctor may be able to help you to address.


You Need to Have a Conversation with Your Senior

Once you know what your senior is facing in particular, it’s easier to sit down with her and talk more about her fall risk. Hopefully hearing some information directly from her doctor helps a good bit, but you’ll also need to work together to find some solutions. Stress that you’re concerned about making sure that she’s safe and let her know you want to work together to find the right answers for her.


Some Assistive Tools Can Help Her to Stay Independent

Your senior might not want to talk much about fall risks, though, because she knows where that conversation is going. Carrying around a cane or using other assistive devices might make her feel less than happy and talking about it is even worse. It’s important to remind her, though, that a fall is truly dangerous and that if she’s using tools now, they can help her to stay independent down the line.

Something else to consider is the idea of hiring elder care providers to help reduce your senior’s fall risk. Elder care providers know what to watch for and they can help your senior to preserve the mobility that she has.


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