4 Unknown Reasons Seniors Fall

Senior Care in Aurora

Falling is all too common for elderly adults and becomes even more frequent as they get older. One reason that could be causing an increase in falling among older adults is the fact that their Senior-Care-in-Auroracurrent health conditions could be affecting their posture and balance.  If your elderly loved one lives alone, you may want to consider hiring a senior care provider. This person will be able to keep a close eye on the elder in order to make sure they are safe at all times.

There are a number of components that may be part of the problem, but here are the top four reasons seniors end up in the emergency room due to a fall.

  1. Shoes. Those high heels and flip flops may be cute, but could be dangerous to the senior’s health. The safest shoes for your loved one’s feet should have non-skid, flat soles and fit comfortably. Many people think that shoes will stretch the more they are worn, but this is not the case. In fact, most shoes are designed to fit perfectly and will not stretch at all. Shoes should be tried on before making the purchase to ensure they are not too big or small.
  2. Medications. Some medications may cause dizziness or other side effects that could make it easy for the senior to lose their balance or have trouble sleeping at night. For example, the doctor may put the elder on a diuretic due to bathroom issues. The elder might wake up at unusual hours to use the bathroom because of it. If it is dark, your loved one has at a high risk for tripping and getting seriously injured. Talk to the elder’s doctor to see if there is another medication they can take that will not cause these dangerous side effects.
  3. Blood sugar. Low blood sugar, especially for someone with diabetes or hypoglycemia, can be a reason mature adults’ trip. In order to prevent low blood sugar from being a problem, it is important the senior has their vitals checked regularly and eats on time each day.
  4. Home Factors. Sometimes the reason behind the falls are right in front of you. If there is any loose carpeting, dim lights, furniture or miscellaneous items in the hall, or slippery flooring, your loved one is at risk. Inspect the home to identify what dangers may in the elder’s home.

What may look like a minor fall to us could have life-threatening consequences to elders. Keep your loved one safe by being cautious of these four factors.

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