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Skin problems such as dryness or itchy skin can occur in people of any age, but elderly skin is much more susceptible to irritations of all kinds. Most of these skin problems can either be treated or prevented; keep reading to discover how you can help your elderly loved one enjoy healthier skin.Senior Care Etobicoke

Common skin irritations

When skin becomes dry it tends to get very itchy, and seniors are especially liable to getting dry skin. The oil glands in the skin lose their efficiency as the skin ages. Regularly applying moisturizer is a good way to help keep elderly skin soft and supple. Dry skin tends to flake and crack which allows an avenue for infection. This condition can be avoided by making sure the skin doesn’t get dry enough to crack.

Your loved one’s caregiver from senior home services can help to apply lotion to the hard to reach places such as the feet, and the back. A moisturizing lotion with aloe vera or vitamin E is very effective; avoid buying lotions for your senior that are heavily perfumed or contain alcohol ingredients.

Other skin problems to look for

An elderly person’s skin should be regularly checked for moles that are growing, patches of skin that seem to have a growth and other anomalies that don’t look normal, or have just developed. Skin cancer is a common problem among the senior population and most are very treatable. The sooner they are discovered the better. Of course, not every mole is cancerous but it’s still a good idea to check regularly to see if there are any visible changes in appearance.

Bedsores can be a problem for seniors who aren’t very mobile. These skin ulcers can also be a common occurrence for those who spend a great deal of time in a wheelchair. Frequent repositioning is one of the remedies of these skin sores. If you notice one, you should always get a doctor to look at it and make suggestions for care.

Most skin problems are rather simple to treat and take care of when caught at the start. For this reason, it’s crucial for the senior to have a regular habit of inspecting their skin, and getting help from you or their caregiver to check their back, neck, and back of their legs.

Foods that provide nutrients for healthy skin

Healthy skin needs the right nutrients, and they come from food! Vitamin A is one of the most important elements of a healthy diet to nourish the skin. Dairy products are a good source, as are dark orange vegetables. For people who can’t convert dietary beta carotene (found in carrots) to vitamin A, low-fat dairy choices are optimal. Try yogurt, Swiss cheese, or skim milk.

The super berries – blackberries, blueberries, strawberries and plums contain antioxidants that are vital to healthy glowing skin.

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