Helping Your Parent Make the Decisions that are Right for Her after a Cancer Diagnosis

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Hearing that your elderly loved one has some form of cancer can be one of the most difficult issues that you can face in your senior care journey with your aging parent. This can be an experienceSenior-Care-in-Etobicoke that puts a tremendous amount of strain and stress on you, but it is important to remember that what your parent is going through is more than stressful for her, and that your role as a family caregiver means that you must be there to help her through the challenging time that comes after the diagnosis.

Regardless of the type of cancer that your parent is facing, one of the most important things that you will do right after your parent receives her diagnosis is helping her making the care and treatment decisions that are right for her. This can be a stressful and emotionally draining experience, but it can be also be something that draws you together and that helps your parent get through this trying time more confidently.

The care and treatment that a person chooses after hearing that she has cancer is an extremely personal choice and there is no one course or approach that is right for everyone. As diverse and varied as the types of cancer and how they are experienced by the individuals who develop them, so are the approaches to treatment and care that are available to those people. When your parent gets her diagnosis, the journey reaches a major intersection and she will have to decide which of those paths that she will take, tremendously impacting how she will go along the rest of her journey and what that journey will mean for her. Being there beside her to help her make these decisions will empower her to take control of her own future, and will strengthen your relationship as both a caregiver and senior, and an adult child and parent.


Use these tips to help you guide your parent through making the cancer care and treatment decisions that are right for her needs:

  • Educate yourself. Find out everything you can about the different care, treatment, and management options that are available to your elderly loved one. Do your own research using reputable internet sites, visit the library and read books, and take the time to talk with her doctor. This will ensure that you have the information that you need to help her make decisions based on her opinions and needs.
  • Listen to her. Once you have all of the information that you can gather, take the time to listen to your parent. Encourage her to tell you how she feels about her treatment options, what she wants for her future care and end-of-life transition, and how she feels about main issues such as artificial life support, resuscitation, surgical interventions, and aggressive treatments.
  • Give your support, not your suggestions. Even though you know have a large amount of information, and you likely have many of your own thoughts and opinions about this topic, now is not the time for you to tell your parent what she should do. Instead, offer your encouragement and support, and give her the freedom and the safe emotional space to discuss her feelings and compare the options. If she asks, tell her what you think and what you know, but make sure that you are giving her what she needs to make the decision that is right for her as an individual.


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