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Senior Care in MississaugaFebruary is American Heart Month, and while this month long observation is the perfect opportunity for you to learn more about heart disease, the risks associated with this disease, and what you can do within your senior care journey with your aging father to help him reduce his risks and protect his health well into the future, it is also the ideal time to learn about the partnership between the American Heart Association and the American Stroke Association. The two groups are working together to raise awareness of strokes and help people to make better choices in their lives, empowering them to take control of their health and reduce their risk of suffering one of these debilitating health events.

Some things that you should know about strokes include:
• More than 140,000 people die from stroke in the United States each year, making it the third leading cause of death.
• Stroke is the leading cause of long-term disability among American adults.
• Nearly 800,000 people suffer from strokes each year. Of these, approximately three-quarters of them are first strokes, while the rest are recurrent in some form.
• Adults over the age of 65 account for nearly three-quarters of all strokes.
• With each decade of life after the age of 55, the risk for experiencing a stroke more than doubles.
• High blood pressure is the single most pressing risk factor for the development of a stroke.
• The number of strokes that people suffer, and the number of sufferers that die from these strokes, is declining as people learn healthier living techniques and make better choices about their ongoing health and wellbeing.

While it is not possible to completely eliminate risk of stroke, as even those people who are in very good physical shape can still suffer such an event, you can dramatically influence how the stroke impacts your father’s life by being aware of the symptoms and responding quickly and effectively should they occur.

If you or your father’s senior health care services provider notices any of the following symptoms, get in touch with emergency medical attention as quickly as possible:
• Sudden severe headache that cannot be attributed to any other factor.
• Sudden numbness in the arm, leg, or face, particularly if it occurs on only one side of the body.
• Sudden loss of coordination or sense of balance, or a feeling of marked dizziness.
• Sudden difficulty understanding speech, confusion, disorientation, or difficulty speaking properly.
• Sudden blurred vision or difficulty seeing either in one eye or in both eyes.

The American Stroke Association uses the acronym FAST to help caregivers and care providers know when they should seek emergency medical attention for a senior who may be having a stroke. This acronym stands for:
• F – Facial drooping or unevenness
• A – Arm weakness, or one arm drifting down when the senior tries to lift it
• S – Speech difficulty
• T – Time to call 911

It is important to remember that the extent of the damage that a stroke can create may change from moment to moment, so the sooner you get your parent treatment, the better chances he has of recovering and resuming his normal lifestyle after his stroke.

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