How Can You Conserve Both Time and Energy as a Family Caregiver


Senior Care in North York: How Can You Conserve Both Time and Energy as a Family Caregiver

Your two most valuable resources as a family caregiver are your energy levels and the amount of time you have available. You have to protect both of those in order to be able to get everything done.

Look into Service Providers Who Come to You

In some situations, your elderly loved one might not be as mobile as she once was or perhaps you find it difficult to get out to handle some tasks. There are a variety of different service providers who can come to you or to your loved one. Examples might include mobile hair dressers, mobile pet groomers, or even personal trainers. Your loved one might also have physical or occupational therapists who come to her at home.

Streamline Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is one of those tasks that can take up an entire day if you allow it to, and few people have the luxury of being able to spend an entire day at the task. Some grocery stores have a delivery service available. You simply log into the store’s website or call and place your order. Another idea is to contract a personal shopper who can go to the store for you and bring the groceries home. If you still have to do it on your own, try writing your list in the order of the store aisles to help the trip go faster. Also, make sure to have your coupons ready to go before you get to the store.

Enlist the Help of Other People Whenever You Can

The more help that you accept from other people, the more energy and time that frees up for you to be able to do the other things that you need to do. When other family members offer help, take them up on it. Hire senior care providers to help you and your loved one. Trade help with other family caregivers, if possible. Every little bit helps.

Keep a Running List in Your Planner or a Notebook

You can’t expect yourself to remember everything off the top of your head at the exact time that you need the information. For that reason, it makes sense for you to have a planner or a notebook in which you keep running lists of all the information that you normally need. Then, when you need it most, it’s right there.

You’ll continue to find new ways that work for you as a caregiver to make your job easier, too.

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