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It’s time to help seniors with Spring Cleaning!

Do you know where the tradition of spring cleaning came from? Back before electricity, it meant cleaning the soot and grime out of your house that had built up from kerosene lamps, wood burning stoves and candles being used all winter. Airing out and cleaning your house like this wasn’t needed after most people switched to electric lights and ovens. However, the tradition still remains in a lot of Canadian homes. In your senior parent’s home where regular cleaning may not be kept up as much as it needs to be, this is a good routine to have a deep clean in the spring.

How to Spring Clean with Your Aging Loved One

  1. Make a list of everything you want to get done. Have your parent and senior care service caregiver help with deciding what to clean and how. Some examples of tasks are: scrubbing floors, washing windows, wiping out the fridge
  2. Think of safety hazards your senior may have trouble with and eliminate them. A few things you could do are: move clutter out of hallways, throw out expired food, clear out medicine cabinet of old or expired medications, replace light bulbs and smoke detector batteries
  3. Do the de-cluttering first and then the cleaning. If your senior parent has a lifetime of collected stuff, that makes it hard to clean. Cleaning around the piles just makes more work for yourself and your parent later. Just remember to talk to your parent about what to keep and what to toss, because seniors like to hang onto things.
  4. Make a schedule of when you’re going to do which tasks. If you write it onto a calendar like a doctor’s appointment, it’s non-negotiable and everyone knows when it’s happening. Decide if you want to tackle the entire house in a weekend or spread it over a few weeks.
  5. Involve your elderly loved one! This can be some quality time together, because it doesn’t matter what you’re doing, if you’re together and feeling happy. Let your parent keep feeling useful and involved according to his or her physical abilities
  6. The more the merrier. Get some other family in to lend a hand. It can be a way for younger children and even other adults to spend time with your parent as well as do them a service.

Whether your aging parent is still mobile, in a wheelchair, is sound of mind, or has dementia, you can still have a blast helping them clean their home and spending time together. Talk about the above list of tips with your mother or father and let them give you some ideas. They might know an even better way to approach some of the rooms.

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