Senior Care in Thornhill – Ways to Prepare for Autumn Weather

An interesting fact about fall vs. autumn is that the season after summer is only referred to as “fall” in North America. In Great Britain they say autumn. In the U.S. they mostly say fall and in Canada we say both interchangeably.Senior Care Thornhill

It’s still summer weather in most parts of Canada, but the end of August is the time to start preparing for the cooler weather autumn brings. It’s not too uncommon to have a night or two at this time of year when the temperatures start dipping to close to freezing at night.

Your senior loved one may need some help to start preparing for cooler weather. Depending on your area, you could start this now or in a couple of weeks. If we’re lucky, we will have a long late summer, but you never know.

Tips to prepare for cooler weather Start keeping an extra quilt at the foot of your loved one’s bed so they can pull it up if the night gets chilly.

  • Winter clothing lines have started appearing in the department stores. If there are any items your loved one is lacking such as boots, hats, mitts, toques, scarves etc. then you can get a head start by picking up these items early before stocks run out.
  • The furnace filter in the home should be changed and a new one installed.
  • Check the steps and sidewalk in the front and back of your senior’s home to make sure there aren’t any chips or cracks or uneven ridges that could be a tripping hazard when covered with a little snow.
  • If the home uses forced air heating and a duct system, have the ducts cleaned out to avoid breathing in gusts of dust when the heater comes on after sitting idle all summer. This dust can really irritate your loved one’s lungs and respiratory system.
  • Help your loved one to start stocking their pantry a little bit so that if cold weather comes early they will have some resources on hand for fixing nutritious meals without having to go outside in cold or snowy weather.
  • Some regions of Ontario can experience cool rainy weather in the fall. Make sure your loved one has adequate rain gear for going outside including a good working umbrella and a waterproof rain coat.

A caregiver from senior care services can help your loved one get ready for fall. They can also provide assistance with other things your senior may need help with such as fixing meals, getting rides to doctor’s appointments, taking them to senior activities in your community, showering and dressing, pet care and more. You can phone the home care agency and talk to someone who can help you determine how to best meet the needs of your loved one.

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