When Should You Start Talking to Your Elderly Loved One about Getting Her More Help?


Senior Care in Thornhill: When Should You Start Talking to Your Elderly Loved One about Getting Her More Help?

Have you been debating whether it’s time to talk to your elderly loved one about bringing in more help or not? That is a conundrum that can keep you in an endless loop as your loved one’s family caregiver unless you go ahead and go for it.

Ideally, Before a Crisis Hits

In a perfect world, you’re going to be able to have this conversation before a health crisis or other emergency hits. That’s not always possible, however, so if you’re still wondering if now is the right time, you may want to just go ahead and dive into the topic already. The worst that can happen is that she tells you no.

After You’ve Noticed Warning Signs

Warning signs are helpful for exactly this purpose. They let you know that there is something not quite right in your elderly loved one’s world and that she needs extra assistance. Some of the signs you might see are physical signs, such as declining personal hygiene, but you might also see signs such as a dirtier house, mail piling up, or even dents in the car that your loved one doesn’t want to talk about.

When Your Loved One Brings it Up

If you’re really lucky, your loved one might bring up the topic herself. This is a little more on the rare side, so it’s not a situation you can count on. Your loved one might bring up the topic after having shot you down one or more times in the past, though, which can help you to make some headway finally.

When it’s Obvious that You Can’t Wait Any Longer

At some point, it’s going to be absolutely obvious that your elderly loved one and you need additional help. Your loved one may continue to try to deny it, but something will let you know that this is no longer debatable. At that point, you can either hire senior care providers yourself or figure out a way to get extra help from other family members. Regardless, it’s time.

If your loved one isn’t open to the idea of extra help, ever, you may have to do what you need to do for her health and safety anyway.

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