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For answers to any questions you may have concerning the health issues of senior adults that aren’t answered here, you can go to the Public Health Agency of Canada’s website. There is a treasure of information there including what federal programs or services are available, how you can get information on seniors’ housing options, health care answers, what kind of drug coverage is offered in your province and so forth.Senior Care Toronto

Mental Health – loneliness and isolation are two of the biggest challenges facing seniors today. They can lead to depression and a loss of motivation. A loss of appetite is also common. It’s important for family members and friends, as much as possible, to visit their loved ones.

Physical Health – Some of the common conditions your elder may be facing include heart conditions, incontinence, dementia or Alzheimer’s, arthritis, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, eye problems. While not all seniors are subject to one or more of these, it’s common to have to deal with at least one over the course of one’s lifetime.

Your elder can keep themselves in the best physical shape possible by eating a healthy diet rich in vitamins and antioxidants and participating in regular exercise at least 5 days per week. Exercises can be adapted to a person’s special abilities or needs, but the key is really in the regular participation of an activity that strengthens muscles and heart.

Spiritual Health – spirituality can mean anything from attending the religious service of their choice to being able to talk about their beliefs and values. It might mean having quiet time to read and reflect or write in a personal journal. Whatever spiritual health means to your aging loved one, it’s an important part of overall well-being.

Confidence and Self-Worth – helping your senior loved one to stay in good shape in all areas of their life for as long as possible will certainly help with their confidence. Sometimes, as they begin to lose some independence, their self-worth plummets. It must be difficult to go through all the changes an elderly person must face. Nobody can truly understand it until they experience it for themselves.

Explain to your elder that true independence comes not from being able to physically do everything for yourself, but rather from being able to make decisions regarding your life. Armed with this new definition, let them know that having an elder care provider will actually maintain their independence longer, because it keeps them out of a long term care facility where decisions are made for you. At home with a personal caregiver, your loved one can still decide what to eat and what time to go to bed among other things. Being able to stay in the comfort of their own home is a huge confidence booster.

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