Take Five Minutes to De-Stress

How does stress affect the body? Start with the tension. Tense muscles will ache, and the tension in the head causes a headache that makes it hard to focus. Muscle tension may cause your chest to ache and increase anxiety as you worry that it could be something serious.


Senior Care in Richmond Hill: Five Minutes to De-Stress

Senior Care in Richmond Hill: Five Minutes to De-Stress


Stress can make you irritable and angry.

That impacts how you relate to others. It can increase stomach acid and make you feel nauseous. It can lead to depression. It also causes you to sleep too much or not sleep enough. You may become overwhelmed.

People who are too stressed may turn to alcohol as a means to relax. Others turn to food and overeat. Some stop eating. When you’re a family caregiver, it can impact the level of care you’re able to offer to your parents.

If you’re stressed, you need to stop and take five minutes to de-stress. More time is ideal, but at least spend five minutes learning to ease the stress and try to prevent serious health issues from happening.


What to Do in Those Five Minutes

Sit or lie down in a quiet room. Turn on soft music or ocean sounds if you can. Set a timer for five minutes. Close your eyes and breathe. Take slow, deep breaths that fill your lungs. Slowly exhale through your mouth. With each breath, count to five between the inhale and exhale.

As you feel yourself relax, imagine you’re somewhere you love. It could be a sunny beach or a mountain trail. Imagine how relaxed and at peace you feel in that spot. Focus on that until the timer goes off.

If you have a hard time with meditation and relaxation exercises, use the five minutes to burn off some of your angst. Grab a jump rope and go out to the patio, garage, or basement and jump rope for five minutes. You could punch a punching bag or jog on a treadmill. You want to do something that helps you burn off the stress, irritation, and anger you’re feeling.


Never Try to Take On Too Much

It may seem easier to provide the care your parents’ need, but caregiver burnout is a risk. No matter what, talk to a home care agency about respite care services. Arrange them as soon as you can.

Respite care is a service provided to you and your parents. While they have help with activities of daily living, you have coverage that allows you to go out with friends or take a nap. Elderly care aides give you the break you need to avoid becoming too stressed. Call an elderly care agency to discuss respite care today.


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