Tips for Helping Your Senior with Parkinson’s Disease Cope with Vision Problems

Vision problems are common among those living with Parkinson’s disease.
These challenges can vary, including blurry vision, dry eyes, difficulty blinking or opening the eyes, slowed movements that make reading and other such tasks more difficult, and more. This can be very stressful for your parent, impacting both their safety and their quality of life. As their family caregiver you can help your parent manage this negative impact by finding ways to cope with or overcome changes in their eye function and vision.



Senior Care in Thornhill: Vision Problems And Parkinson's Disease

Senior Care in Thornhill: Vision Problems And Parkinson’s Disease


Use these tips to help your senior with Parkinson’s disease cope with vision problems:

Talk to their doctor about their medications to determine if they might be contributing to these issues. This can help to predict the issues and handle them as they come. This is also an opportunity for medication optimization, which includes adjusting types and dosages of medications until your parent and their doctor find the right approach for their needs.

Ensure your senior visits the ophthalmologist regularly for eye exams to keep track of changes in their eyes, and other symptoms.


-Talk to the doctor about their glasses. Many people with Parkinson’s disease do better with a pair of glasses for distance seeing, and a pair of glasses for reading than they do with bifocals.

-If your parent is dealing with irritation to the eyelids or itchy eyes, try warm compresses to soothe the symptoms and reduce the risk of your parent rubbing or scratching their eyes, which can lead to further problems.

-Talk to their doctor about the use of artificial tears to soothe dryness.


Starting elder care for your elderly adult as soon as possible after they are diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease can be a tremendously meaningful decision for them, and for you.

For your aging parents, an elderly home care services provider means continuous access to the type of care and support they need as they progress through the stages of the disease. For you as a family caregiver, this customized care means less stress, less worry, and the confidence of knowing your parent has access to everything they need to stay safer and healthier as they age in place. This not only means keeping them physically healthy and safe but also promoting greater independence and fulfillment throughout the progression.

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