What You Need to Know about Personal Care and Your Senior


Personal care tasks are tasks that everyone needs to handle on a daily basis, like brushing teeth, bathing, and taking care of skin and hair. Some of these tasks might be ones that your aging family member needs additional help with, however, even if you’re able to help to a certain extent.


Senior Care in Toronto: Personal Care and Your Senior

Senior Care in Toronto: Personal Care and Your Senior



Senior’s Situation Is Likely to Change Quickly

Your elderly family member’s health can remain the same for a long time and then suddenly, she’s unable to do certain things or she’s experiencing a sudden downturn in her health. This is far more common than you might expect. It can also be very disconcerting for both of you. But this is also why you need to have a plan in place for personal care tasks.

Your Own Abilities Can Change, Too

When you and your senior first discuss this plan, you might be physically able to help her as much as she might need. But your own needs and abilities can change without much warning, too. Your health, especially if you’re not paying as much attention to it as you should be, can also present issues. Knowing what you’ll do if and when that time comes can be an important part of planning for the future.

How Comfortable Are You Helping with Personal Care Tasks?

Something else to consider that often gets overlooked is that you may be less comfortable than you realized with handling some personal care tasks for your elderly family member. You may not have realized until you’re well into a situation in which your senior requires your help that it’s a situation that taxes your abilities. That’s when you may need to lean on home care providers as a solution.

You May Need Respite

No one can keep going constantly with no breaks, even the best caregivers. You’re going to need time away, but that doesn’t mean that your elderly family member’s need for help with personal care tasks is going to stop. Home care providers can cover both of those needs, by giving you respite coverage while also being able to help your senior with personal care tasks.


There’s nothing wrong with being unable to handle some of these most personal tasks for your elderly family member. You do need to make sure that she’s got what she needs in order to have her needs met, however, and that means lining up extra help when necessary.


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