Should You Worry About a Senior’s Shuffling Walk?

Scuff. Scuff. Scuff. That’s the sound many caregivers hear when their aging relative walks through the room. The senior does not pick up their feet. Instead, they shuffle across the floor, never … [Read more...]

Using Exercise to Beat Stress

One of your biggest enemies as a caregiver is your own stress level. If you're overly stressed, you're going to wear yourself down much more than you should be. Managing your stress is crucial and … [Read more...]

Safety Tips Your Dad Should Follow When Driving

Being older doesn't mean it's not safe to drive. In 2015, drivers over 65 accounted for 33.1 percent of all crashes. That's less than the 35.9 percent for drivers 16 to 20 or 34.3 percent for drivers … [Read more...]

Caring for an Elderly Parent with Arthritis

Caregiver in Richmond Hill Arthritis is a condition that causes the joints to become severely inflamed, resulting in pain, heat in the joints, and swelling. This is a condition that is chronic and, … [Read more...]

What’s the Best Way to Avoid Health Problems as a Family Caregiver?

Caregiver in Richmond Hill Too often, family caregivers find themselves dealing with health problems that are just as serious as the ones plaguing their elderly loved ones. This can be postponed or … [Read more...]

Caregiver Challenges: Taking Care of a Senior with the Flu

Caregiver in Richmond Hill "The flu" is a blanket term given to infections caused by the influenza virus and can be an extremely unpleasant, and extremely dangerous, experience. Though this sickness … [Read more...]