Elderly Care Providers Assist Seniors After Heart Attacks

When a heart attack happens, the blood flow is blocked from reaching the heart muscle. The lack of a blood supply can damage the muscle. In some cases, the heart attack is fatal but not always. If an … [Read more...]

How Can You Deal with the Differences Between Your Concerns and Your Senior’s Concerns?

It's not unusual at all for family caregivers to find that they're worried about one set of circumstances and their aging adult is worrying about something far different. You may be more in agreement … [Read more...]

Helping Elderly Relatives Quit Smoking

Bethany, an 80-year-old woman in moderate health, had smoked at least two packs of cigarettes every day for the past 43 years and didn’t seem like she would ever quit. Her adult children and … [Read more...]

Could Your Loved One Have Multiple Sclerosis?

Senior Care in Etobicoke Multiple sclerosis (MS) is caused when damage is done to the myelin coating that surrounds the nerve fibers in the central nervous system and to the nerve fibers themselves. … [Read more...]

Helping Your Parent Make the Decisions that are Right for Her after a Cancer Diagnosis

Senior Care in Etobicoke Hearing that your elderly loved one has some form of cancer can be one of the most difficult issues that you can face in your senior care journey with your aging parent. This … [Read more...]

Tips for Planning a Birthday Party for a Senior

Senior Care in Etobicoke If you have an aging parent who is about to reach a milestone birthday, you may already be thinking of ways to celebrate.  Birthdays are a great time to make aging parents … [Read more...]