There are Many Ways to Get in Shape, even When Elder Care Assistance is Needed

Elder Care in North York

There is a lot of attention paid to getting in shape and getting fit, especially for younger adults. However, getting in shape is incredibly important for seniors. Elderly individuals commonly overlook just how important physical exercise is to their overall health and well-being. They have certain misconceptions that just because they reach a certain age, are dealing with various health issues, have had a heart attack or stroke, or other serious illness, that they don’t need exercise.Elder Care in North York

Also people who rely on some type of elder care at home often consider that a clear sign that they no longer have to focus on their physical well-being. In truth, exercise is incredibly important for people of all ages. Even those individuals who recently suffered from a heart attack or have been diagnosed with some type of heart disease are often told by their doctors to get regular exercise.

Seniors who are relying on elderly home care of any kind, getting exercise is possible through a variety of ways. Seniors who rely on a walker or have difficulty standing for long periods of time can still do activities that can help increase the heart rate, which is one of the most important aspects of exercise.

People should elevate their heart rate for at least 15 minutes a day to give it the exercise that muscle needs to remain strong and healthy. That also helps to boost blood flow throughout the body, which carries more oxygen to vital organs, including the brain.

Walking. Walking is one activity that can be tremendously beneficial for seniors. Walking at a brisker pace than normal is usually enough to elevate the heart rate.

Swimming. Water activities and aerobics can be a fun and exciting way to get the right level of exercise in a low impact way. Water aerobics doesn’t place any undue pressure on joints and still allows the senior to get a solid workout.

Yoga. Yoga is increasingly popular, and for good reason. While it may consist of various “poses,” they can be extremely difficult and place increased pressure on various muscles. An experienced yoga instructor who has worked with other elderly clients will understand the limitations that seniors face and will have devised a plan that works best for that age group.

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