Three Fun Activities that Can Get Exercise for the Home Care Client

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In most cases, people will continue to participate in activities that they find fun and interesting.  This is particularlyHome Care in Aurora true when it comes to exercise routines. Many seniors don’t think much about working out, especially not in the same way they might have done so in their youth. Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore for elderly individuals who require home care.  Working out doesn’t mean heading to the gym, lifting weights, or working on a Nautilus style machine for two hours without break.

Below are three activities and exercises that seniors can consider doing to help them get the type of physical exercise they need on a regular basis. Exercise is important to keep muscles toned, help avoid muscle mass loss, and improve overall health and vitality for the senior well into the future.

1. Going for a brisk walk at a local park. Even if it’s not at a local park, going to the mall can be a lot of fun for some people. This can help elevate the heart rate and get the legs exercise to maintain their strength and vitality.

2. Yoga. Yoga has commonly been associated as an activity for younger individuals, but more and more seniors today are taking to this workout routine with verve. Any senior who is going to begin yoga should consult his or her doctor first to make sure this is an activity that is safe. Next, he or she should find a yoga instructor who has experience working with the elderly.

3. Gardening. Now that the weather is turning nice, getting outside to garden can be a great way for seniors to get exercise on a regular basis. They will likely require some assistance planting the garden, tilling the soil, weeding, and taking care of it on a regular basis.  However, the more they do for themselves, the more exercise they will be getting and that will be incredibly beneficial. Having a vegetable garden will help promote healthy eating habits as well.

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