What Are the Best Ways to Help Your Loved-One to Improve Her Balance?

Home Health Care in Thornhill Ca: Balance Tips For Seniors

Home Health Care in Thornhill Ca: Balance Tips For Seniors

Your loved-one’s balance, or lack thereof, can make the difference between her falling and sustaining an injury or her ability to remain safe.  You and your senior can take some concrete steps to help her improve her balance, even if it’s not so great right now.

Talk with Her Doctor

The first step is to talk to your elderly parent’s doctor and determine how bad her balance truly is.  This is something that your aging family member’s doctor can easily assess so that you have a game plan. While you’re there, find out how your senior’s medication and health conditions contribute to balance issues.  The more information that you have, the better you’ll be able to put together a set of solutions for your loved-one.

Start Strengthening Her Muscles

Exercise can help your aging family member to strengthen her muscles, which is essential in order to improve her balance.  Work with your senior’s doctor to determine just what types of exercise are going to be best for your loved-one.  Exercises that allow her to move without damaging her joints are a good option, such as water aerobics or stretching.

Try Some Balance Exercises

If your aging family member finds that stretching exercises help her, you might want to go a step further and look into trying yoga with her.  Yoga gives her the benefits of stretching and also includes poses that help her to improve her balance.  Another balance exercise to consider is Pilates.  Many of the exercises are done on the floor, but they strengthen the core muscles your loved-one needs for balance.

Put Some Extra Help in Place

Until your elderly family member feels more stable on her feet, you might want to consider hiring senior care providers or asking other family members if they’re able to be there when you’re not able to be with your senior.  That added level of security can help your loved-one feel more confident about exercising and about doing what she can to maintain her balance.
Improving your senior family member’s balance is going to take time and patience, but it’s definitely something that you and your loved-one can accomplish.

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