What Can You Do if You’re Feeling Extremely Tired?

It’s not uncommon at all for a family caregiver to go through a day feeling extremely tired. The problem is that you can wind up going through your tasks sluggishly and dropping into bed exhausted at the end of the day. Instead of torturing yourself, figure out how to help make the situation better.

Grab Some Water

Feeling extremely tired is often one of the first signs of being dehydrated. Your body needs quite a bit more water than you might believe during the day, so if you’re feeling super tired, grabbing some water can help. Make sure that you stay hydrated by keeping a water bottle with you so you can sip throughout the day. If the water doesn’t help with feeling tired, you might need to eat something.

Caregivers in Etobicoke: What Can You Do if You’re Feeling Extremely Tired?

Eat an Energy-boosting Snack

Caregivers sometimes forget to eat or get sidetracked from sitting down to a meal because they’re needed elsewhere. If that sounds familiar for you, you might want to start keeping energy-boosting snacks on hand so you can grab them quickly. Some of the snacks you might want to keep on hand could include cheese, nuts, and fresh fruit. Snacks with protein are likely to give you a bigger boost more quickly.

Figure out How to Sneak in a Nap

Sometimes the only thing that helps when you’re really tired is getting a little bit of extra sleep. Look for a way to sneak in a 20-minute nap so that you can recharge. If your loved one needs you still, consider hiring elder care providers or asking other family members to stop by so that you can take a nap without worrying that you’re leaving your loved one alone.

Talk to Your Doctor

If feeling extremely tired is a common issue for you, it’s time to find out if there’s an underlying issue. Make an appointment with your own doctor so you can let him know what’s going on. Once you have an idea what could be causing your feelings of extreme tiredness, you can take steps to correct the problem in a more permanent way.

Getting quality sleep every night can help you to avoid feeling fatigued, so solve any sleep problems that are keeping you from getting the sleep that you need.

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