When the Heat is On, Home Care is Invaluable

Home Care in Richmond Hill

For George, taking care of himself at home was important as he got older. His ability to tend to his own basic care was directly tied to his independence. His family was concerned about his well-Home Care in Richmond Hillbeing and had talked to him about home care, even though he continually dismissed the idea.

During the hot month of July, George was finding himself having even more difficulty doing certain things. He was also having an extremely difficult time keeping cool. When people age, their body changes and that includes the ability to fight off infections and stay cool during the summer and warm during the winter.

George didn’t believe in air conditioning. There were some days through the years where he felt the heat was so oppressive that he had to seek shelter somewhere else, such as a movie theater or a friend’s house for one or two afternoons, but other than that he was relatively fine most of his life. Now that he was 82, the warmer days were taking a toll on him. He found it difficult to find enough energy to get all of the household chores done. One afternoon during that July, George was overcome with fatigue to the point where he thought he was about to have a heart attack or stroke.  He called his best friend to tell him what he was feeling and his friend called emergency services.

When paramedics arrived, George was a little annoyed, but he was also relieved. He explained his symptoms and the difficulties he was having and the paramedics made note of the temperature inside his house, which was measured to be above 84°F. When George was taken to the hospital, the doctors determined he was dealing with heat exhaustion. George was surprised by this because he thought heat exhaustion or heat stroke could only happen to people who were doing a lot of physical activity outside. However, he found out that doing a lot of activity inside when the temperature is considered excessive could also cause serious health issues, such as this emergency.

The doctor recommended George consider a professional in-home care provider who could come to his house and assist him with those basic tasks that may be taking a toll on him, including getting up and down the stairs to do laundry.

He was also encouraged to get an air conditioning unit, even a window unit, to help keep at least one room in his house cool enough where he could go, sit down, and relax if he felt himself getting overheated or worn out.

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